About us

Building something great requires an amazing team. Our team consists of founders with construction management experience and R&D engineers with expertise in unmanned systems and robotics. 

We are backed by amazing strategic and financial investors who share our vision and values

Ffvc, Drone Fund, C2 VenturesEnel, Shikun & Binui, Highroad, and Technion Drive.

Liav Muler

Founder & CPO.

Previously a project manager of a railway station at Green Const. Holds a B.Sc in Civil engineering and a BA in economics from the Technion.

Joshua Kahn

Senior robotics engineer. Previously an R&D coordinator at Biorobotics and Biomechanics lab and volunteer at the robot navigation lab at the Technion.

Lior Schwartz

VP R&D. Previously an application engineer at ACS motion control and a mechatronics engineer at Technion robot navigation lab.

Elinor Merkier

R&D robotics engineer.

Holds an MSc in Aeronautics from Imperial College London and conducted her thesis with Airbus.

Dor Kirshner

R&D mechanical engineer. Previously a mechanical engineer at Medtronic and Rafael Advanced Defense Systems.

Tom Yeshurun

Founder & CEO.

Previously a project manager of highway construction at Olizki. Holds a B.Sc in Civil engineering and an MBA from the Technion.

Guy Ben-Shahar

Senior automation & control engineer. Previously an R&D engineer at Stratasys with emphasis on 3D printing systems.

Andrew Yushkevich​

Geomatics Engineer.

Holds an MSc with +5 years in Geospatial technology as a product manager and R&D positions 

Alon Druck

Software engineer. Prior experience in automating irrigation equipment communicated by radio for medium and large crops.

Zack Shooter

Biz dev and marketing associate. Holds a BS in econometrics with prior experience in venture capital and social media relations

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