About us

Building something great requires an amazing team. Our team consists of founders with construction management experience and R&D engineers with expertise in unmanned systems and robotics. 

We are backed by amazing strategic and financial investors who share our vision and values

Ffvc, Drone Fund, C2 VenturesEnel, Shikun & Binui, Highroad, and Technion Drive.


Liav Muler

Founder & CPO.

Previously a project manager of a railway station at Green Const. Holds a B.Sc in Civil engineering and a BA in economics from the Technion.

Tom Yeshurun

Founder & CEO.

Previously a project manager of highway construction at Olizki. Holds a B.Sc in Civil engineering and an MBA from the Technion.

Joshua Kahn

Senior robotics engineer. Previously an R&D coordinator at Biorobotics and Biomechanics lab and volunteer at the robot navigation lab at the Technion.

Lior Schwartz

VP R&D. Previously an application engineer at ACS motion control and a mechatronics engineer at Technion robot navigation lab.

Guy Ben-Shahar

Senior automation & control engineer. Previously an R&D engineer at Stratasys with emphasis on 3D printing systems.

Andrew Yushkevich​

Geomatics Engineer.

Holds an MSc with +5 years in Geospatial technology as a product manager and R&D positions 

Elinor Merkier

R&D robotics engineer.

Holds an MSc in Aeronautics from Imperial College London and conducted her thesis with Airbus.

Dor Kirshner

R&D mechanical engineer. Previously a mechanical engineer at Medtronic and Rafael Advanced Defense Systems.

Alon Druck

Software engineer. Prior experience in automating irrigation equipment communicated by radio for medium and large crops.

Zack Shooter

Biz dev and marketing associate. Holds a BS in econometrics with prior experience in venture capital and social media relations