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Use Cases

Markets We Serve

  • Solar Farms
  • Road Consturction
  • Land Surveying
  • Construction Staking
  • Heavy Civil
  • Landscaping
  • Parking Lots
  • Foundations
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Deploy CivDot on your next project

How it works

Upload a CSV file with a list of coordinates. Optimize the route by choosing the first point and direction of navigation.

Choose your starting point and let CivDot begin its work.

Follow CivDot and install the desired markers (nails/flags) or stick to spray paint. Swap out the batteries at lunch.

Frequently Asked Questions


CivDots come with 2 sets of batteries, with a 5 hour battery life per set.

CivDots are equipped with obstacle detection and an emergency stop button. The operator has the ability to drive in manual mode at any point in time. CivDots will not navigate or mark without RTK fix for safety and accuracy. Additionally, for vertical accuracy, CivDot can shoot the point for your desired duration of time based on the level of accuracy you’re looking for.

Our system includes Dual RTK for heading as well as an IMU sensor that takes pitch, roll, and yaw into account while navigating and marking.

CivDot connects to your base via RF or internet or can connect to a local network.

You can use spray cans that you find at your local hardware store such as 15oz-26oz Rust-Oleum inverted marking spray paint.

CivDot can handle any terrain or slope with speed and precision. The system has 6-8” ground clearance and various tire options for mud, sand, roads, etc.

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