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Faster, Easier, More Reliable Autonomous Layout Tools

Civ Robotics is ushering in the next generation of construction layout tools for solar, civil engineering, land surveying, and general contracting industries around the world. Our cutting-edge, all-terrain surveying layout robots, known as the CivDot, are engineered from the ground up to make your layouts more precise, easy, and cost-effective than ever before.

CivDot enables your team to lay out, and stake coordinates 8x faster with just one operator. A traditional surveying crew lays out somewhere between 200-450 points a day, while a CivDot and one operator can lay out up to 3,000 coordinates a day with 2" (50mm) of precision or 1,200 coordinates with a CivDot+ with 3/100’ (8mm) of precision. This doesn’t simply expedite and automate layout solutions for your construction site – it reimagines how coordinates are chosen, captured, and managed.

CivDots were specially designed to execute construction staking in harsh site conditions. Not only is the device fully weather-proof, but a variety of tire options allow your CivDot to confidently and precisely navigate any terrain. More than a machine, CivDot is a reliable partner that won't let you down, rain or shine.

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Anyone Can Operate a CivDot

The CivDots are easy for anyone to operate, from Joe, the intern, to Beth, the 50-year industry vet. Using a CivDot requires zero prior land surveying experience or special licensing.

CivPlan, our intuitive software, makes data prep and field operations management easy for everyone. Simply upload a set of coordinates, choose the route, and send the CivDot on its marking mission.

Detailed reports of marked coordinates are generated in real-time and sent to your email. The reports include the time stamp of each marked coordinate, level of tolerance, and ground elevation. Allowing management to keep a close eye on progress and make informed decisions without waiting for data submissions or calculations.

A rugged PC tablet with CivPlan pre-installed accompanies every CivDot, giving your operator full remote control capabilities up to 100’ away. Connection issues? Your CivDot simply pauses until reconnected.



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Layout Solutions for Every Project Need

With our straightforward rental pricing, choose between CivDot and CivDot+ to meet the unique demands of your construction projects.


CivDot: 3,000 Points a Day = Massive Scalability

Meet CivDot, our game-changing robotic layout equipment designed for high output and efficiency in land surveying. With CivDot, a single operator can lay out up to 3,000 points a day or up to 2 mph (3 km/h) of line work (solid/dash) using inverted spray paint. This makes it the ideal tool for construction projects with lower accuracy requirements and high output needs.

CivDot is built to withstand challenging environments thanks to its 4WD system, 10" (25 cm) ground clearance, and diverse tire options to ensure flawless performance and worry-free operation, even in the harshest climates. A dual-RTK receiver and an IMU for tilt correction allow the CivDot to achieve centimeter-level layout accuracy.

CivDot is compatible with the top brands of GNSS receivers (Trimble, Topcon, Leica, etc.) and supports CSV/DXF files for easy data upload and processing.


CivDot+: Extreme Precision (8mm) + Exciting Efficiency

Experience the future of land surveying with CivDot+, designed for exceptional accuracy and efficiency. With its dual-RTK, IMU sensors, and robotic arm, CivDot+ leverages the GNSS receiver's full potential to achieve an impressive 3/100' (8mm) accuracy, enabling one operator to lay out up to 1,200 points a day. This makes it the perfect solution for construction projects with tight tolerances.

Like its counterpart, the CivDot+ is compatible with top-brand GNSS receivers (Trimble, Topcon, Leica, etc.) and supports CSV/DXF files for easy data upload and processing. It’s also fully weatherproof and includes a 4WD system, 10” ground clearance, and tire options for any terrain.

Transparent Subscription Pricing

Survey equipment rental prices that are easy to manage. CivDot rentals are fully transparent and straightforward, with no hidden costs, fees, or time expenditures. Choose between CivDot and CivDot+ based on your needs and budget.

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With CivDot, you can mark any coordinate

  • Solar Farms
  • Ground Improvements
  • Earthworks
  • Roads
  • Foundations
  • Construction Staking

CivDots are an excellent addition to land surveying tools as they offer unparalleled accuracy, efficiency, and simplicity.

Civ Robotics significantly increases productivity on heavy civil projects by completing tasks faster, with greater accuracy, and enable teams to operate at peak performance levels.