About Civ Robotics

How long has Civ Robotics been around?

Top tier EPCs have been deploying CivDots in the field since 2021 and have been continuously using our products on a variety of construction projects (Solar Farms, Ground Improvements, Earthworks, Roads, Foundations, Construction Staking, the list goes on).

In 2022, Trimble Inc. invested in Civ Robotics and continues to support our growth.

How reliable is the CivDot / CivDot+?

The rugged, versatile and reliable CivDot+ is the ideal tool for construction projects with tight tolerances. The chassis is very rugged, with 10” ground clearance for smooth operation in any field. The most common issues include flat tires and negligence.

Civ has a thorough validation process. Before the rover will mark, it will validate that the CivDot’s position is within the tolerance, and ensure that it only marks at the given accuracy.

About our products

How does CivDot reach the desired accuracy?

Our system includes Dual RTK for heading as well as an IMU sensor for tilt correction during the navigating, marking and validation process.

Can I connect CivDot to my base station?

CivDot can connect to any base station (Trimble, Leica, Topcon, etc.) and to your choice of NTRIP / VRS network.

What kind of spray paint is CivDot compatible with?

We recommend Rust-Oleum Inverted Marking Paint, however any inverted marking spray paint can be used on the CivDot available at your local hardware store.

Operating the CivDot

How many people in a crew?

Typically, a survey crew consists of an operator and nailer. The CivDot or CivDot+ only needs one person to operate the machine.

What training is required to operate the CivDot? What about on-site training?

The CivDot can be operated by anyone - no special license or skill set is required. A field application engineer will visit your site and train your field team how to operate the machine safely and efficiently. The on-site training takes a day, and then you'll be ready to go!

What kind of files can be used in CivPlan? What data prep is needed to operate the CivDot?

CivPlan supports CSV files for marking points, and DXF files for line work. The template will be provided to the field team during on-site training and meet industry standards (name, northing, easting, elevation, annotation).

Does CivPlan support local coordinate systems?

CivPlan supports local coordinate systems and will require the state plane coordinate name and site calibration file. You could also perform a site calibration process through CivPlan.


Can CivDot handle any type of terrain?

CivDot can handle any terrain 30° slope thanks to its 10” (25cm) ground clearance and various tire options for mud, sand, roads, etc.

Can CivDot operate in any weather condition?

The CivDot is weather resistant, has IP65 rating, and operates in harsh climates. We like to remind our customers that since we use GPS/ GLONASS/ Galileo/ BeiDou/ IRNSS/ OZSS/ SBAS constellation support, the precision of the GPS tracking antenna may suffer if it is covered in thick ice or snow.

Can CivDot handle any type of terrain?

CivDot can handle 30° slope thanks to its 4WD system, has 10" (25cm) ground clearance and various tire options for mud, sand, roads, etc.

Quality Assurance

What is the battery life?

CivDot Operates for 12 hours with one battery swap. The battery has a 4 hour charging time.

What safety and quality assurance features are included?

CivDots are equipped with obstacle detection and an emergency stop button. The operator has the ability to drive in manual mode at any point in time. CivDots will not move nor mark when RTK fix is lost. Additionally, for vertical accuracy, CivDot can shoot the point for your desired duration of time based on the level of accuracy you’re looking for.

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