Frequently asked questions


Can the robot handle difficult terrain?

Our AWD CivDot can handle any terrain, incline, mud and sand with speed and precision.

What are the main use cases?

Construction sites that require a large quantity of markings every day such as; solar farms, roads, data centers, ports, etc...

What is the battery life?

Our system can come with different Lipo battery packs. Our standard battery runs 5 hours, and our largest one can run for 12 hours. It takes just two minutes to swap the battery and continue the mission.

How autonomous are your systems?

The level of driving autonomation is 3. This means it navigates, marks and avoids obstacles. The operator still monitors all tasks and can take control in any time.

What's included in the cost of a unit?

Each CivDot kit includes everything you need: Robot, two set of batteries, charger and a rugged tablet with preinstalled CivPlan.

Can you do some customization for me?

Civ Robotics platform is customizable to meet your needs. For instance, ground clearance, RTK system and plugins to different GIS softwares.

Can I connect CivDot to my base station?

Our standard model supports RTK corrections using NTRIP. Civ offers various ways to connect to your existing base station by choosing the same brand RTK with RF module for corrections, Satel RF module, IBSS or Civ Repeater with RFD modules. We can also provide you a base station configured to our robot. In remote job sites we reccomend a base station which is more reliable.

What safety features does it include?

Our safety features include: 1) Stopping if there's an object in front of it. 2) Losing RTK fix. 3) Emergency safety button from the remote and the robot. 4) Emergency lights and a 4' flag.


Is the app easy to use?

The app is user friendly and can be used by anyone with the help our user guide

What type of software is used?

Our mission planner is very intuative and supports .csv files. Civ does offer plugins to GIS softwares such as Trimble Business Center and instructions to exports .csv files from ArcGIS and QGIS. Upload the file, draw a polygon around a section you want to layout, press start, and watch the CivDot layout the points with speed and precision.

On what devices can I run the app?

CivPlan app can run on any Windows computer/tablet

Marking mechanism

How accurate is it?

Sub-inch (1-2cm) accuracy thanks to multi band GNSS RTK and dual RTK with precise heading.

What kind of paint?

Commercially available spray cans you can find at your local hardware store. For instance; 15oz-26oz Rust-Oleum inverted marking spraypaint.

Does CivDot take into account terrain conditions such as inclination?

Civ systems include onboard sensors such as IMU and dual RTK with heading which CivPlan takes into account the pitch, roll, and yaw in its calculation during navigation and more importantly after stoping and guiding the robotic mechanism to spray.