Road striping, often referred to as road marking, is a fundamental aspect of road construction and maintenance. It is an intricate process that requires accurate placement and clear visibility.

With the manual process of road marking, which requires pulling strings and measuring tapes, contractors achieve approximately 0.7 miles of markings per hour.


Road Marking

CivDash, a robot built for roads, automates the road layout workflow. It can mark up to 25 miles of lines in a single workday, maintaining a sub-inch accuracy.

  • Mitigate risks and ensure worker safety with remote operations away from live traffic
  • Equip the striping crew with full-scale drawings on the ground instead of points every 20’ for quicker, seamless striping, and say goodbye to pulling tapes.
  • Increase reliability and eliminate costly rework.

Guardrails and Barriers

Guardrails are protective barriers placed along roadsides and elevated platforms to prevent accidents and falls, enhancing safety for pedestrians and vehicles alike.

CivDash helps by efficiently locating points and lines. The robot can accurately locate and mark points, dashes and solid lines along the desired path for installation, ensuring guardrails and barriers are positioned accurately meeting safety standards and regulatory requirements.

Curb and Gutter

Curb and gutter form the edges of roadways, with the curb serving as a raised barrier and the gutter providing a channel for stormwater runoff. They help maintain road structure, improve drainage, and guide traffic flow efficiently.

CivDash can assist in laying out curb and gutter by accurately mapping the desired alignment and elevation of the roadway edges.

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