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Safety First

No more pulling tape and string lines. CivDash equips contractors to stripe more quickly and seamlessly. Mitigate risks and ensure worker safety with remote operations and obstacle detection sensors.

Engineered for road markings, parking lot striping, airports, and more. CivDash is redefining the way lines are laid out.

Mark 25 miles of lines daily; choose between solid or dash lines. Civ’s sensor fusion ensures sub-inch accuracy of line work.

With a dedicated space for carrying two additional spray cans, and a featherweight design of only 35 lbs, CivDash is the ultimate on-the-go solution.


Working with Market Leaders

CivDash is compatible with Trimble R780 GNSS receiver. Leverages Trimble’s TIP technology to survey faster with IMU based tilt correction.

CivDash connects with top brand base stations like Trimble, Topcon, Leica, or NTRIP network for RTK corrections.

Simplify Line Marking

Easy Operation with CivPlan

Robust technology at your fingertips with CivPlan - a preinstalled software that makes data prep and filed operation management easy for everyone.

Enable Safe operations from up to 100' away.

How it works

Upload your blueprints in DXF format, and select your preferred order for marking the lines. Next, choose between dash or solid, and send CivDash on its marking mission.

Follow CivDash and change the spray can when CivPlan asks you to. The CivDash has space to carry two extra spray cans.

Generate detailed reports of marked coordinates with respective time stamps, tolerance level, and ground elevation. Make informed decisions without waiting on separate data submissions or calculations.

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Stripe with Confidence


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