Advancing Wick Drain Operations for Bechtel

Bechtel boosts wick drain installation efficiency with CivDot+, transforming traditional surveying methods.

Advancing Wick Drain Operations for Bechtel

Bechtel, a global engineering, construction, and project management company, is committed to innovation and excellence. Driven by a desire to deliver better and faster for its customers, Bechtel embarked on a transformative journey into tech-driven surveying with CivDot+.

This case study portrays how Bechtel advanced their wick drain installation operations with CivDot+ at their LNG job sites.


Image Credits: Bechtel, Port Arthur LNG


The LNG division of Bechtel faced challenges in maintaining efficient surveying processes due to their reliance on the string line method. As a result, this impeded the workflow, causing delays and inefficiencies in operations.


Implementation of CivDot+, an advanced robotic surveying technology developed by Civ Robotics, which offers millimeter-level accuracy in marking coordinates, significantly transforming the landscape of operational surveying.

Automate Labor-Intensive Processes:

CivDot+ enhanced operational efficiency by automating Bechtel’s labor-intensive process surveying previously dominated by the traditional string line method. The automation was achieved through CivDot+’s advanced robotic technology that lays out points with high precision based on pre-uploaded site plans. This reduces the need for multiple crew members to mark locations physically and minimizes human error.

Maintain Continuity with Adaptive Use Case:

CivDot+ is designed to adapt to various terrain challenges. Bechtel’s wick drain installation job site involved uneven terrain or dense, tricky patterns that required a considerable amounts of re-staking. CivDot+’s adaptability aided in maintaining operational continuity and efficiency, regardless of the site's physical conditions.

“CivDot+ has especially helped us in areas where it would be a bit tricky to pinpoint with the string line.” - Jesus Ramirez, General Foreman, Bechtel

Get More Streamlined Workflow:

The automation and precision provided by CivDot+ allowed for a more streamlined workflow. With CivDot+ laying out the groundwork, Bechtel’s crew could proceed directly to the installation process's next steps without double-checking manually placed markers. The streamlined approach saved time and allowed the team to focus on other critical tasks, enhancing overall productivity.

CivDot+'s integration into Bechtel’s surveying operations has transformed traditional, labor-intensive processes into more efficient, accurate, and less time-consuming operations. The operational efficiencies gained from CivDot+ represent a significant advancement in how modern technology can be leveraged to enhance traditional construction and surveying techniques in the waste management sector.

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