Rapid Project Completion on Your Schedule

RP Construction Services transforms surveying with CivDot+ by redefining precision, savings, and autonomy for utility-scale solar projects.

Rapid Project Completion  on Your Schedule

RP Construction Services (RPCS) is a leader in mechanical installation and project management for utility-scale solar projects. RCPS initially started as a small operation focused on solar projects in California's Central Valley and expanded across multiple states over the years. Their growth necessitated precise surveying to ensure the accurate placement of solar infrastructure like steel I-beams.


Before adopting Civ Robotics’ autonomous solution, the company relied on local land surveying firms using conventional techniques, often resulting in project scheduling issues and delays.


The introduction of Civ Robotics’ automated surveying system - CivDot+, marked a transformative shift in RPCS’ operations and provided tangible benefits in terms of time, independence, and cost savings.


Image Credits: RPCS

Eliminate Costly Errors with Better Accuracy.

The traditional surveying methods often lead to measurement inaccuracies, resulting in misplaced infrastructure or the need for costly revisions. CivDot+, with its high precision and advanced technology, eliminated human errors. As a result, this newfound accuracy prevented expensive mistakes that would have otherwise led to project delays and additional expenditures.

Cost Savings and ROI:

By leveraging CivDot+, RPCS eliminated surveying delays caused by 3rd parties and cut surveying costs by half. This cost savings is especially significant in the construction industry, where time delays and unexpected expenses can quickly accumulate.

“If we factor in the cost, the robot essentially pays for itself after a single job, typically around 1,000 points. This is roughly a 40% to 50% reduction compared to traditional methods." - Matt Benac, Director of Project Management.

Schedule Reliability and Control:

Compared to traditional surveying methods, RPCS found CivDot+ to offer a significant advantage in terms of reliability. All they had to do was measure the control points and provide pile coordinates of the job site, and within minutes, CivDot+ was marking. This streamlined process gave RPCS greater control over their surveys and eliminated scheduling with external land surveyors.

CivDot+ addressed RPCS’ challenges in construction surveying by offering speed, efficiency, cost savings, and greater autonomy. These benefits optimize construction processes and contribute to the bottom line, making Civ Robotics a valuable partner in the industry.

RP Constructional Service
About RP Construction Services:

RPCS is one of the leading solar contractors. They have enabled large pipelines of projects for developers, EPCs, and municipal utilities across the country.

By absorbing all the custom details, requirements, priorities, and challenges that 1,000-plus unique solar projects presented, RPCS knows how to deliver cost-effective solutions that will result in the highest quality operating assets for solar companies and utilities.

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