Safer and Faster Surveying with CivDot

Bechtel revolutionized its approach to solar project surveying with CivDot, driving operational excellence and enhancing safety across its worksites.

Bechtel, a global leader in renewable energy development, is committed to innovation and excellence. Driven by a desire to deliver better and faster for its customers and to support the energy transition, Bechtel embarked on a transformative journey into tech-driven surveying with CivDot.

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This case study illuminates how Bechtel's strategic vision and dedication to advancement led it to redefine industry benchmarks, prioritizing safety, precision, and sustainability at every turn.


Before instituting Civ Robotics’ CivDot, Bechtel, like all contractors, employed traditional manual surveys for solar projects. The process involved multiple 2-person crews using handheld GPS devices, consuming time and resources. Human errors and data inconsistencies could hinder accurate results. With an expanding solar portfolio, Bechtel sought innovative solutions and a standardized approach for improved surveying solutions.


Bechtel found a comprehensive solution in Civ Robotics' autonomous surveying technology, which offered a range of benefits to overcome their challenges.

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Improve Survey Time Sixfold:

Marking 1,250 coordinates a day (equivalent to 125 per hour), CivDot enabled Bechtel to swiftly mark survey points, surpassing the limited output of manual point-by-point surveys, which typically yielded only 20 points per hour. This efficient process significantly diminished surveying time and labor requirements, allowing Bechtel to optimize resource allocation and expedite project timelines.

Promote Safer Workspace:

Safety is ingrained into Bechtel culture, and it guides all of its actions. Preventing any possible safety risk through smart project design, construction, and delivery is paramount to the company. CivDot eliminated the need for craft professionals to carry heavy equipment while navigating challenging terrains, and multitasking for accurate measurements with handheld GPS surveying.

CivDot enabled personnel to be more aware of their surroundings, further enhancing safety across worksites. In addition workers are now engaging more with the software, thereby turning the surveying process into a more enjoyable and interactive experience.

"It's fun to use the application and interact with the software. It's a more enjoyable experience for the folks out there doing the work compared to traditional methods." - Zachary Fray, Project Superintendent, Bechtel

Reshape Operational Landscape:

Integrating Civ Robotics into Bechtel's operations helped to optimize workflow efficiency. The intuitive design of the technology simplified training for new personnel, enabling them to quickly grasp its functionalities and contribute to project success from day one.

"CivDot reshaped our operational landscape, allowing us to charge ahead in a competitive market." - Taylor Carlson, Site Manager, Bechtel.

Bechtel has leveraged CivDot at two solar projects to-date and is preparing to employ it for an additional two facilities in 2024. The four solar facilities combined will produce enough clean renewable energy to power more than 100,000 homes.

Bechtel's partnership with Civ Robotics has helped to propel its approach to solar project surveying, driving operational excellence, and enhancing safety across its worksites. By leveraging cutting-edge technology, Bechtel has not only overcome longstanding challenges but also positioned itself for continued success in the rapidly evolving renewable energy industry.

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