Surveying Upgrade: Six Points a Minute

Barton Malow transforms its surveying landscape with CivDot by increasing output to 6 points a minute, simplifying operations, and firmly securing project timelines and budgets.

Barton Malow, a leading North American construction enterprise, has faced numerous challenges in ensuring precision in surveying, which is crucial to its utility-scale solar projects. The enterprise's expansion into comprehensive project management across diverse terrains has underscored the need for an efficient, accurate site layout to maintain project timelines and budgets.


Barton Malow's primary challenge was time in the field. Before utilizing Civ Robotics' autonomous solution, the team used the manual method of staking each point, which was time-consuming and physically draining. At the start of every project, there was a pressing need for a faster, more efficient solution. Besides this, it needed a system simple enough to be operated by someone with little surveying experience.


Barton Malow found a simple, effective, and easy-to-use system by integrating CivDot into its operations.

“With CivDot, our process became super simple and effective. Easy to layout, easy to comprehend." - Bobby Beauchamp, General Foreman, Barton Malow

Better Surveying Speed and Output:

By switching to Civ Robotics' technology, Barton Malow increased the number of layout points from a single point a minute with manual staking to up to 6 points a minute with one CivDot rover.

Simplify Training:

The intuitive design of Civ Robotics’ software, CivPlan, dramatically simplifies the learning curve for new personnel. The system's user-friendliness and accessibility enable new crew members to grasp the technology within an hour. For example, the system's ability to display skipped vs. marked points allows for efficient rerouting and progress tracking.


Image Credits: Civ Robotics'

Hands-Free Surveying:

A testament to Barton Malow’s foremen who fabricated a custom flag holders equipped with 12 compartments carrying flags in different colors. Before CivDot, the crew laboriously carried manual surveying equipment, including a GNSS pole over the shoulder, tracking arrows on controller, and following bubbles for accurate measurements.

Now, with CivDot, the crew navigates hands-free, effortlessly pulling out and installing flags (not to mention the 20,000 daily steps).

Barton Malow x CivDot-min.jpg

Image Credits: Barton Malow

Increase Reliability:

Civ Robotics’ all-terrain marking robot increases its reliability in navigating variable topography characterized by mud, rocks, and challenging landscapes. Whether facing extreme weather conditions or encountering obstacles, CivDot consistently demonstrates robust performance, showcasing its adaptability and dependability in the diverse and demanding environments typical of Barton Malow's solar construction projects.

Rugged terrain-min.jpg

Image Credits: Barton Malow

The convenience of CivDot allowed Barton Malow’s crew to have efficient workdays. By eliminating the laborious part of the job, CivDot transformed Barton Malow’s approach to construction surveying while streamlining and optimizing overall operation. Above all the Barton Malow team’s resourcefulness, coupled with CivDot's advanced capabilities, resulted in a harmonious blend of technology and creativity.

About Barton Malow:

For 100 years, Barton Malow has been committed to Building with the American Spirit: People, Projects, and Communities. The Barton Malow Family of Companies is comprised of four entities, five partner firms, and more than 3,500 team members across North America. The 100% employee-owned enterprise is on a mission to transform the construction industry through innovation and increased efficiencies in the building process.

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